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Delegates from city of Seattle visits Han’s Laser

Fecha de lanzamiento : 05/16/2016 Opiniones : 437
Accompanied by the Shenzhen Commercial Federation’s Chairman Hui Lin, “Seattle International Leader Delegation” visited Han’s Laser in 13th May. Delegation includes Microsoft 、Boeing、 Amazon、Alaska Airlines and another 60+enterprenures, Han’s Laser vice president Mr. Yan Chen for the warm reception.

Mr. Chen introduces Han’s Laser’s company background、 culture、 Laser products and applications in English. His humorous style speech has attracted others to look closely at it and take photos while using the word like “Interesting” ”Fascinating”.

Mr. Chen has presented further details about our company’s vision and development strategy and answering guest’s questions in the sharing meeting. He insisted that Han’s Laser will support for internationalization all the time, Han’s Laser not only franchising some America’s enterprises, but also has branch office in America. Seattle’s entrepreneurs have been impressed by Mr. Chen’s affinity speech and wisdom of the east country.

The both parts have exchanged gifts after the meeting. A set of 《The Art Of War》mark on bamboo slip, it links of Ancient China intelligence which means it can achieve our business and life achievement, also represent deep friendship between Han    ’s Laser and Seattle entrepreneurs.

Seattle entrepreneurs cannot conceal their delight and give us the thumbs-up, thankful for Han’s Laser for the warm reception and wish there are more cooperation among Han’s Laser、Seattle and America as well as developing high-end market and serving global customers.

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